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      I have attached relationships.

      I can create shipping form with a portal to select different books and quantities from "Books" without problem.

      Problem comes when I want to pack the books!!

      Each shipment is to be done with many boxes and inside the boxes it can be put different books and quantities of the same shipping form.

      I created a portal in "Packing" where, from the same shipping form, I would like to choose which book to put in the which box and input stuffed quantity.

      My problem is, I cannot find a solution to be able to choose and select in the portal the books belonging to a unique shipping form.

      I tried many solution with filtering and values from drop-down list but I cannot find one.

      I am starting to believe that I have a mistake at relationship level but don't know where!



          I don't see any attached relationships, only a screen shot of your layout.

          Most order or invoice systems start with these basic relationships for invoicing a sale:


          Do you have this basic structure?


            I attach another screenshot.

            Yes, I have the basic relationship but it is "extended" it to deal with the packing.

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              I see two option that should work:


              Display a portal to Shipping_Lines and add buttons in the portal that use the data in Shipping_Lines to create records in Packing Lines. This would allow you to click a row for a book or group of books in the portal and the script adds a portal rwo in Packing Lines with the same _kf_book_# and quantity. (You need to add this field to Packing_lines so that you can identify the books in the Packing_Lines portal. Once you've clicked such a row to create a new row in Packing_Lines, you can edit the Quantity if only a portion of the quantity will be packed in that specific box.

              You can enhance this interface design by adding a "packed" field in Shipping_Lines and a portal field that filters out portal rows when a row is designated as "packed".


              A conditional value list of book#'s can be defined that lists only the books listed in Shipping_Lines for a given Shipping record. The trick here would be to set up the conditional value list to "dwindle"--dropping out books that have been already packed.

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                Thanks for reply.

                I have no knowledge (yet) to apply option #1.

                Option #2 is easier and is the one I tried to apply. The problem is cannot find the correct combination/setting for the value list!

                Actually I do not need the list to drop the books already packed because I will create some calculation fields to cross check the quantity of packed books with the total quantity in the shipping form.

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                  Option #2 is easier

                  Then maybe it wasn't easier. Wink

                  I suggest that #1 is actually easier to set up here. I would also suggest that it gives you a more complete picture at a glance of what you are packing in the shipping boxes.

                  Can you add a portal to shipping lines to your Packing layout? You should be able to just use the portal tool to draw a box on your layout and then select Shipping Lines from Show Related Records From.

                  Then a button with a very short script can be added so that clicking the button adds an entry for that book in the PackingLines portal.