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Choosing correct email address from field value

Question asked by DanielPerry on Jan 9, 2015
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Choosing correct email address from field value


Hi Guys,

First post, rapidly falling in love with Filemaker.

I am creating an IMS database in Filemaker Pro 13. I have 3 tables, job tickets, clients, and contacts.
The job ticket will pull a drop down of clients from the client database, and then a drop down of contacts within that client from the contacts database. I will then generate a PDF estimate using data from the job tickets table, and attach to a pre-filled email, using a script. The email pre-fills the to field with an email address. This address will always be the first contact in the contact list for that client, rather than the contact selected from the drop down list on the job ticket.

Any ideas how I fix this?

Thanks in advance