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Choosing related records?

Question asked by tunesmith on Mar 25, 2014
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Choosing related records?


     Hi, apologies for the beginner questions.  I am a Bento refugee and I'm trying to mimic some of the basic functionality I was used to in Bento.  This mostly has to do with relationships.  It looks like I have them set up correctly, I'm just trying to figure out some UI stuff.

     1) If I am in a layout (call it "Rehearsals") with a Portal that can display many "Recordings", how can I choose multiple recordings?  In other words, I want select 8-10 existing "Recordings" records and associate them with the "Rehearsal" I am viewing.  How can I pull up something like a multi-select chooser?  This is a relationship of many Recordings to one Rehearsal.  Even though the Recordings have recording_id, and the Recordings table has a rehearsal_id, I'd rather select them in a way that is friendlier than going to each Recording record and typing in the numerical rehearsal_id.

     2) I'm pretty sure I figured out how to "Go to related record" - I just put a button on the portal row and hooked it up to that script.  After clicking the button, though, is there a way to go "back" to the original record, from that record?

     3) In the reverse direction, is there a UI-friendly way to start from the "Recording" record, and pick the one Rehearsal that it is associated with?

     4) Corollary of #1, is there an easy way to pull up the list of associated Recordings (from the Recordings portal in the Rehearsals layout) and unassociate one of them?  By de-selecting or something?

     5) Finally, is it yet possible to turn on a horizontal scrollbar in Portals so I can display more columns that can fit in the Portal width?