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Choosing some summary results

Question asked by yomango on Apr 4, 2014
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Choosing some summary results


     Hello. I have a file with over 400k+ records listing phone calls from several phone numbers. I created reports to show the amount of calls made by each phone number by date, time, etc. But I want to report only those phone numbers that had made more than a certain amount  of calls, not just 1 or 2 calls. Since the reports use sub summaries, I have not found a way to get what I want when wanting to report more than 20 calls per hour or par day. I tried using a script that will add each call and then omit the quantities not wanted. Besides, with that many records, it will take too long. I also tried using GetSummary function but although it does get the summary right, it shows on each record, so I'd have to run a script to get just one Getsummary field for phones I want to report.. Is there a way I do not know? Thank you