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    Choosing some summary results



      Choosing some summary results


           Hello. I have a file with over 400k+ records listing phone calls from several phone numbers. I created reports to show the amount of calls made by each phone number by date, time, etc. But I want to report only those phone numbers that had made more than a certain amount  of calls, not just 1 or 2 calls. Since the reports use sub summaries, I have not found a way to get what I want when wanting to report more than 20 calls per hour or par day. I tried using a script that will add each call and then omit the quantities not wanted. Besides, with that many records, it will take too long. I also tried using GetSummary function but although it does get the summary right, it shows on each record, so I'd have to run a script to get just one Getsummary field for phones I want to report.. Is there a way I do not know? Thank you

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               If you had a related table with one record for each phone number linked to this table, you could define a calculation field using Count to count the number of calls for each number. Then a find can specify only the records where the calculated count is less than a specified total. This makes it possible to limit the numbers by count, but if there are other criteria involved such as pulling up only the records for a given date range, this get's a bit tougher to do as you then have to include the date range in the relationship but it can be done.

               An alternative approach using your summary report is to use the "reorder based on summary field" option to list the records with the most calls first. A looping script can start with the first record in the found set and loop though the found set until a GetSummary calculation returns a value less than the desired "cut off" point. Then an Omit Multiple Records [ Get ( FoundCount ) ] Script step can omit that record and all that come after it to constrain the found set down to just those phone numbers that you want for your report.

               The first option is significantly faster to pull up with large numbers of records but the second option is much more flexible.

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                 Hi, Phil. As always, thank you for your time and the advise. I did not understand the first option you suggested, so I went with the second option. It took me several try outs and some time to understand the logic but I got it. Very nice. Muchas gracias.