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Chronic crashing, file destruction on import/export

Question asked by AndrewSleeth on Feb 13, 2012
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Chronic crashing, file destruction on import/export


I've been struggling, without success, to display in one file a group of summary fields from a related file (count, std dev, avg, et al.) via a portal.  (The symptom of failure is that the summary fields are displaying values calculated from the entire source file rather than for the 1,000+ distinct groups into which the breakfield sorts the records.)

Having abandoned this approach, I'm  now attempting to import and/or export the summary fields to a third file in hopes of storing that summary data in a stable location the portal can display.  But each time I attempt the import or export, Filemaker stops working and shuts down.  The result is that the destination file is destroyed, i.e., the destination file exists on my server in name only, but any records it already contains are destroyed along with all the file's defined fields.

I'm guessing there must be a fundamental flaw in my understanding of summary fields, and hence, a flaw in how I'm trying to accomplish what, to me anyway, seems to be a pretty basic task.

If it helps, I should explain that my source file is constantly growing.  That is to say, I'm constantly adding records, and hence, the summary data for any given group (as sorted by the breakfield) can conceivably be changing as well.  So creating a separate database that's basically a snapshot of continually changing summary statistics is hardly ideal.  But I'm desperate for a solution, and this is the only workaround I can fathom at this point.