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Chronic Pain Tracker

Question asked by perk on May 26, 2015


Chronic Pain Tracker


I currently suffer from peripheral neuropathy which includes chronic pain. To mitigate the problem I have been prescribed to take several types of medications, all of which can have equally debilitating side effects. To try and get my arms around the issue I created an excel file to track important data points such as when the symptoms occur, trigger points, intensity level, food, sleep, etc.. all in an effort to determine if the pain is a result of the condition or the medications or some other culprit. I believe Filemaker will be an easier solution as I can also update it via Filemaker Go program. I currently have FM Pro 12.0v5. Does anyone know of an existing medical tracker file built in Filemaker that might work? Ideally it would include some graphs to help shed some visual insight as to how the medications, symptoms and pain interact.