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Church Attendance Tracking

Question asked by BennieGonzales on May 22, 2012
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Church Attendance Tracking


I've been reading the threads and I'm completely confused. Many of the answers are far beyond my understanding of databases (filemaker 12).

I'm a missionary church planter and I'm trying to track weekly attendance (among other things).

I have a database with all the basic information (Name, Phone, Address, some other information in regards to whether the person is married, has kids, is a visitor etc.)

Every week attendees write their name in a book and I manually keep track of who's come and who hasn't. I'd like the automate this with the database. Weekly I'd like a report with the following info.:

- Everyone at the church service:
- People who have come for the first time:
- People who have come for the second time:
- People who have come for the third time:
- People who missed two weeks:
- People who missed four weeks:

My vocabulary in Database speak is limited, I'm trying to learn.