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    Citing a source for every field



      Citing a source for every field



      I am trying to develop a database that includes the option to cite a source (book, journal, etc.) for every single field in multiple tables.  Some tables would have 50+ fields.  Each citation should have the author, title, year and page number.  The way I am considering doing this is to create a new table for sources and creating many to many relationships between the sources table and all other tables.  The sources table would hold the author, title and year (and any other relevant information about the source), and a page number field would have to be created for every single field on their respective tables.  Would it make sense to make a separate table just for page numbers and create another many to many relationship?

      Does anybody have any experience with this type of set-up or any ideas how to make it more efficient?  The only part I am concerned about is having to create a page number field for every other field.


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          What kind of data is in the fields of the first table?  The fields could be one row (one field) portals that when clicked on could take you to the related record in the source table.  You could also create a calculation for a tooltip that shows the relevant information, or use a pop up (v.13)  Little more info, or an image of what you are trying to accomplish could be helpful

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            Thanks for the reply.  The fields hold scientific data and each of these fields needs to have an associated source or citation.  This citation should be able to be entered by the user, so it can't be a tooltip unfortunately.  I am more concerned about the structuring of this.  If I have a join table connecting sources to another table, I can relate as many sources as I want to any RECORD (and vice versa), but it is not so easy to relate, or associate, these sources to any FIELD...  I could create a table occurrence representing every field, but this does not sound like an ideal solution.  I could also use a portal for every field and simply filter the results.  I am not sure how to go about this and would appreciate any help from someone who has dealt with a problem like this or has any ideas.

            Thanks again!

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              Wow.... what an interesting challenge. I may not have the full answer here, but I may be able to point you in the right direction.

              Set up a script trigger to capture the name of the field "OnObjectEnter" as a variable. Then combine the variable with the record id to create a link to the comment. 

              I can go into more detail if this is what you're looking for.


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