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    Clarification of Portal setup



      Clarification of Portal setup


      I am trying to create a filemaker solution to manage a product catalog. There is a main table with all my products and their details (product name, prices, etc.) Each product has a unique product id assigned. For each of these products I need to be able to search the products database, find related products and then capture the product id of those related products to a "related products" field. For example if there is a product called "brown couch" I want to be able to search for the other related products (brown lamp, brown rug, etc.). Then get the product ID for each of those and copy the numbers as a comma seperated list, into the 'related products field" of "brown couch".


      I'm thinking the best way to do this is to add a portal to my products layout. I could then setup to search the portal to find the related items (ie search for brown). Look at the product id for each item in the search result and hand type those into the "related products field". If anyone has a better approach, please advise.


      here's where I am stuck. Since all my product info is in the single table, I cannot create a portal (since it needs a second table with a relationship). Ithought I would simply duplicate the main products table as a new table called "related products" and then use "related producst table" to setup my portal. However, I cannot figure out how to avoid having to update both tables. Currently I have an entire layout set up to edit/work withthe main products table. I'd like the second 'related producst table' to be updated every time I edit a record, add a record or delete a record in the "main products table" I basically needthe two tables synchronized since I'm really only using the second table to make use of a portal possible.


      Any suggestions or advice is greatly appreciated. I am a novice filemaker user and may be missing an easier approach to being able to search all the product info within the main products table layout.

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          You don't need to duplicate your Products table - only another occurrence of the same table on the relationships graph.

          However, I think your entire concept may have some issues that need atention. In your example, "brown couch" is related to "brown lamp" and to "brown rug" - but "brown lamp" is not related to "brown couch" in the same way, and "brown lamp" is not related to "brown rug" at all.

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            Ideally I would be able to setup some scripting that would relate all the products together. Something that basically does the following: when I pick one product, it relates all of them to each other automatically. (Preferablty we could also unrelate individual items if necessary). I just haven't gotten that far/ am expereienced enough to pull this off. So currently I'm only using the filemaker db as a way to facilitate searching the products to get their product ids and then hand type those together a s acomma seperated list in the main product's "related products field).

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              Ideally (at least, IMHO) you would decide which attributes are significant to make two or more products related to each other - such as color in your example. Then you would base the relationship upon matching those atttributes. That way, when you add a new product, say "brown chair", it will automatically become related to the previously entered  "brown couch", "brown lamp" and "brown rug" and vice-versa.