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Clarion for Windows vs Filemaker Pro 12 Advanced and wishlist.

Question asked by CekariYH on Sep 4, 2013
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Clarion for Windows vs Filemaker Pro 12 Advanced and wishlist.


Hi all!

I have many years of experince creating databasapplications with Clarion for Windows but are now trying Filemaker Pro mainly because I switched to Mac.


After been using Filemaker Pro 12 Advanced for a week now there are some pros and cons listed here.

Please remember I'm very new to FMP so some pros and cons might change :)




+4GL language that realy shines.

+Template driven Code Generator. Templates can be changed or added to suit our needs. (lot of thirdparty ones to get for free or paid).

+Lot of insert-points to add code of your own to add / change behavior.

+Creates small (relative), fast and efficent programs compareable to C++ coded programs and royalty-free.

++Network ready for unlimeted numbers of users royalty-free.

+Very fast to create an upp and working app to test out and then custumize/finetune.

++Every design object as buttons etc can be changed in design / code vith events and properties, like hide, disable etc etc.

++Input masks on entry fields, ie format a field to "PV.####.###.##.##" and you can only put in numbers 0-9 and will look like this when filled in as an example PV.01234.567.89.01 at the # etc, or only text-letters etc

+Input-fields for screens not belonging to a table/file.

+Quicksearch dropdown-lists/lists (start type and the list updates.


-Only in english, and making a runtime in native language isn't as easy as it should even tho you can create conversion files, but some needs to be found in templates and changed there whitch will be lost next uppdate.

-Takes some time to get used to and understan templates but it 's worth it in the long run.


FileMaker Pro 12 Advanced:


+Fast tablemaking and test runs.

++In many languages and you can change languge "on the fly" with Language Swither or OSx language (Mac) (Windows?).

+Relative easy to understan and use scriptlanguage and funktions.

+++Both Mac and Windows versions and both can use the same FMP-file 


-Way to few object properties that can be changed in code. (just search and read this forum ie hide or disable objects)

-Hard to manipulate objects in code. see above.

-Not Network ready for unlimeted numbers of users royalty-free (they need Filemaker as well)

-No input masks on entry fields.

-No Input-fields for screens not belonging to a table/file. Solved below.

-Quicksearch dropdown-lists/lists (start type and the list updates).(can be wrong here)


Haven't had the time to test kiosk-mode yet so will return for that later.

 Solved below

My Wishlist for Filemaker Pro:


Many more properties for layout objects that can be changed in scripts/funktions.

Input-fields that belongs to the layout (not in table) like a local variable. Can be text or numeric fields, checkboxes and optionbuttons. Solved below.


Nice to have:

Input masks on entry fields (timesaver)

Quicksearch dropdown-lists/lists (start type and the list updates)


More to come as time goes by.

No pune intended cheeky