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Claris/AppleWorks to FileMaker

Question asked by Bensheim on Jan 2, 2010
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Claris/AppleWorks to FileMaker




Run small publishing company. 


Have used ClarisWorks for years to run ~1,000 customer database. It worked perfectly - on OS9.


Upgraded hardware and software to Mac OSX, had to buy AppleWorks to continue to run database.


AppleWorks' label printing does not work. Labels unacceptable. Entire fields missing, no slide up/sideways/concatentation. Tried a script, gave up, moved entire database to FileMaker Pro 9.


After ~8 hours' solid work, have transferred entire database to FileMaker Pro9 and successfully printed out mailing labels for next week's print run. I did this by converting the AppleWorks db to ASCII text, importing that into FM, rearranging field destinations.




Once a week we also produce invoices. This is typically ~20-30 customer details which are in main database.


I can see no way of Copying Records and Pasting them into another FM database set up for this purpose: just to generate those address labels for invoice purposes.


I can see no way of selecting more than one record, manually, and hiding the deselected ones: which works in Claris/AppleWorks.


All I want is to select more than one record, copy to small DB and print off those 20-30 labels. 




Eventually today I fired up the ASCII spreadsheet, deleted all but the 20-30 records I wanted, and imported them into the smaller FM database, in order to print out those labels only. 


Is there any easier way of doing this? If not, I will have to do it every week. 



To save you asking:


1. Trying "Find" for the invoicees is not that easy because I have run into Date Format difficulties which are an unnecessary time-waster. I can see the records I want to select, I don't need to have FM "find" them for me.


2. Copy and Paste into another FM database does not work either. All it copies is the text entries and does not place them in the identical fields awaiting in the identically-formatted Single Labels database set up.


I hope this is coherent and that someone knows a faster solution than that which I've hacked today.




How the heck do you copy multiple Customer Details, intact, and put them in another FileMaker database just for label printing? 


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