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Classic Theme Web Publishing Issue

Question asked by donaldm90 on May 23, 2013
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Classic Theme Web Publishing Issue


     Hello there,


     I've been having a problem with publishing a databse to the web. I have the layout as a classic theme but I still get the error message that reads


     "The layout is not supportedfor Instant Web Publishing because it does not use the Classic theme. See the database administrator."


     Now I do hav it in classic theme. So I was confused. but then I noticed that the CONTENT BROWSER within my layout did not change to classic theme. So I'm assuming that is the main problem. However, I can't seem to edit the layout for that content browser, as it opens into a seperate window without giving me many options to do anything. 

     Is there a way I can just automatically change the theme of every aspect of the databse without having to go in and manually change every page myself?