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    Clear Keyboard Shortcut



      Clear Keyboard Shortcut


      I recently purchased a new iMac, which comes with a wireless keyboard.  This keyboard does not have a "Clear" key.

      In my daily use of FileMaker Pro 11, I often used the Clear key when entering text: click in a field, press the Clear key, and all the text in that field was removed so I could enter new text.  Without a Clear key on my keyboard, I have to click the field up to five times to select all the text, and then press the Delete key to accomplish the same thing.

      I tried going through System Preferences to add a keyboard shortcut for Clear in FileMaker, but was unsuccessful.

      Has anyone discovered a keyboard shortcut for Clear in FileMaker Pro 11 for use on the new wireless keyboards without a Clear key?

      Thank you!

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          What happens if you create a script with just 'Clear[]' (so you don't specify the field), and make it the first script displayed under the Scripts menu?  Then when you click in a field and use Cmd + 1 it will clear.

          You may want to build a check into the script to avoid misclick, and to remind you what field you are about to clear...

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            In addition to Sorbsbuster's suggestion, you also have a couple of other options:

            • Use cmd-A first followed by the delete key

            • modify the fields in Layout mode to select the entire field when entered (Format>Field Control>Behavior)