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    Clear Portal Row?



      Clear Portal Row?


           Hi, what is the easiest way to clear a portal row without deleting the related record?

           For instance (making up an example here), say a Widget can have many Customers, and a Customer can have many Widgets.  On the Widget page, I have a portal of Customers. 

           Widget 1 has Customers 1 and 2.

           Widget 2 also has Customers 1 and 2.

           I want to delete Customer 2 from Widget 1's portal.  But I don't want to delete the Customer 2 record, because Widget 2 has it.

           In other words, I'm looking for how to highlight a row in portal, and then delete the row from the linking table in between the Widget and Customer tables, without deleting any Widget or Customer records themselves.

           (This is hard to google for, because "delete relationship" invariably talks about deleting the entire linking table from the relationship graph, while "delete portal row" always talks about deleting the actual related record; neither of which I want.)

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               You are missing a table.

               Because you are talking about a many to many relationship.

               How will you relate Customer 1 to both widgets and Customer 2 as well?

               It's not possible without a join table.

               That's a table that contains the Customer ID and the Widget Id.

               And in your case you would have 4 records in that join table:

               Widget 1 Customer 1
               Widget 2 Customer 1
               Widget 1 Customer 2
               Widget 2 Customer 2

               And then you can just delete whichever one you don't want anymore.



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                 I automate this process so I'm not manipulating any records directly from the portal. I include an "x" at the end of each portal row with a script attached. The script runs a find in another window and prompts the user to delete or stop (with a nice disclaimer that the "widget" is not itself deleted). The script then deletes the join record, which removes it from the portal neatly.

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                   Yes, I understand that - I referred to the linking table (or joining table) above.

                   So, imagine the Widget layout.  It has a Portal to customers, and it shows two customers.  How, from that portal, can I delete "Widget 2 Customer 2" from that joining table, without deleting the Customer 2 record itself?


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                     Matt, that sounds like a good approach.  I haven't done a script before - how would I refer to the correct customer ID and Widget ID in that script?

                     It's too bad this isn't supported out of the box, it seems like a common use case... Bento supported it easily.


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                       Hi Tunesmith. It is a very common use case and it is used all the time.

                       It is supported out of the box. You just aren't doing it right  :p

                       You don't base your portal on the customers table. But on the Join table.

                       I'll make you a quick video to explain.



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                         Oh my gosh!  Thanks, Guy.  That is the light bulb - I didn't realize I could just pull in a "CustomerWidget" portal and then refer to the Customer names from there rather than the ids in the join table.  I can put a button on each row to "delete portal row" without a dialogue box, too.


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                           Although... I'm not sure if, from that Widget1 record, I can a) create a new Customer4 from that portal, or b) select an already-existing Customer3... still messing with it.  :-)

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                             Damn Filemaker Forum, just lost my post  :(

                             Anyway, check this out:




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                               You could add a script that allows you to create a new customer directly from within the widget layout, but that can't be done directly.

                               But if you are a little clever in coming up with a script that shouldn't be a problem. ;) 

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                                 Thanks again Guy!  I'm sure I'll review that a few times in the next few days.  A perfect bit of mind-expansion there.  ;-)