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    Clear up some things



      Clear up some things


           Hi guys!


           I am gonna create a database for a real estate like company, this is what we are trying to achieve:

           - Full database that can be accessed trough iDevices and a website.

           - able to assign users that only have acces to particular (not all) info from the database. 

           - able to assign users that only have acces to particular records, lets say only records from that particular city or neigboorhood.


           the database is not going to be public accessable, only for users with login accounts.

           We want to implent the database in a new wordpress website.


           It's not quite clear to us if the filemaker pro version (which we just bought) will be enough to achieve this, or if we need to spend lost more money for one of the server packs.

           It would be great if someone could clear this out for me.


           Thanks !

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               I'm not sure about a "wordpress website" but the rest is all possible. If you plan on using Instant Web Publishing (as opposed to custom web publishing with PHP), your choices are FileMaker Pro or FileMaker Server Advanced. Hosting the DB from Pro supports up to 5 simultaneous connections from web browser clients. Server Advanced supports a much larger number. Another option is to contract with a web hosting company to have them host your FileMaker Database to the web for you.