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ClearContainer field  if another is populated.

Question asked by JessOttman on Jul 6, 2011
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ClearContainer field  if another is populated.


Hi all,

I have container fields which are populated via a text field. If the text field contains the value that is against the graphic that graphic is brought up in the field.

So i have two container fields and text fields LEFT FITTING and LEFT FITTING ACCESSORY. when the left fitting text field has

"TL 426 "The required fitting is inserted to the container field. Now if i go to my left fitting accessory field and select "DUST CAP" the graphic comes up but there is a clash and i see two graphics overlapping! The selection of TL 426 is still there.

Is it possible to say if left fitting contains anything but "NONE" clear LEFT FITTING FIELD? then if none was selected in the Left Accessory the Left fitting Graphic would stay.

Appreciate any help