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    Clearing A Find



      Clearing A Find


           Ok this is driving me mad, any help would be much appreciated.

           I have a simple script that finds all failed inspections, and displays them, it works fine

           go to layout ["Inspection Failed List" (Inspections)]

           perform find [restore]

           it is basically looking for all records where a the file IN_Status = "Fail"

           This all works fine.

           I have another layout the displays all the inspections, this works ok , until the above script has been run, and then it too only displays the failed inspections.

           I need a way to cancel my find, or again display all records, once I exit my failed list layout

           I just cannot find any info on how in a script to reset the find back to all records.



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               OnLayoutExit is a script trigger that can perform a script such as:

               Show All Records

               Or you might want to use the OnLayoutEnter trigger on the "all inspections" layout.

               Both are found in Layout Setup...

               There are also ways to have two independent found sets of records on two layouts that display data from the same table. The trick is to create two Tutorial: What are Table Occurrences? for the same table in Manage | Database | Relationships and use "Show records From" to select one occurrence for one layout and the other occurrence for the other layout. (Warning: if you change the specified table occurrence for an existing layout, you'll need to "repoint" each field on the layout to the new occurrence and any portals on the layout may no longer show the data you'd expect to see.)

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                 Many Thanks Phil, that was the command I was looking for.

                 Easy when you know how !