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Clearing Radio button in Portal?

Question asked by bookalaka_1 on Sep 11, 2012
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Clearing Radio button in Portal?


     Good Morning,

     Developing script to clear the "Sort" radio buttons selected in my portals. My script works only on the first record? I thought of looping but I don't think its really necessary as my other global fields that use text clear perfectly?

     This is what I have for my Script:  Set Field[Products_4select_e::Sort;""]

     Portal filter is ( IsEmpty ( Order_Entry::gS_Sort ) or PatternCount ( Products_4select_e::Sort; Order_Entry::gS_Sort ))


     These are how my other Global fields are filtered using a similiar script that works perfectly.


     ( IsEmpty ( Order_Entry::gS_Country ) or PatternCount ( Products_4select_e::Country_LK; Order_Entry::gS_Country )) and
     Order_Entry::gS_Vintage = Left (Products_4select_e::Code_Vint; Length (Order_Entry::gS_Vintage ) )and Order_Entry::gS_Code = Left (Products_4select_e::Code_PB_pk ; Length (Order_Entry::gS_Code ) )
     and Order_Entry::gS_Size = Left (Products_4select_e::Code_Size; Length (Order_Entry::gS_Size ) )
     and Order_Entry::gS_LOV = Left (Products_4select_e::LOV; Length (Order_Entry::gS_LOV) )
     and( IsEmpty ( Order_Entry::gS_ItemDescription ) or PatternCount ( Products_4select_e::c_ItemName;Order_Entry::gS_ItemDescription ) )
     and (IsEmpty (Order_Entry::gS_PriceHigh)or(Products_4select_e::Price_FPB_LK  ≥ Order_Entry::gS_PriceLow and Products_4select_e::Price_FPB_LK  ≤  Order_Entry::gS_PriceHigh))