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    Clearing recrods from List view



      Clearing recrods from List view


           When navigating to list view and creating a new record via a script, what is the command to OMIT from the list view all other pre-existing records so that the only record you see is the one you just created

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               Records  are limited by your found set.  If you create a new record with a primary key field, then perform a find on the new primary key.

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                 Thanks, makes sense. But when i went to Perform Find or Enter Find Mode, I was expecting to be able to do a find for last record but could not find an operator for that. Instead I selected Creation Date and had it find today's date which gave me what I wanted for the first record of the day but is not perfect for later on the same day because I will be printing checks from this layout and would like to have only the ones not yet printed visible even for the same day


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                   Have the script that creates the new record capture the value of a serial number field in a variable and then perform a find for it.

                   New Record/Request
                   Set Variable [$ID ; value: YourTable::IDField ]
                   Enter Find Mode [] --> clear the pause check box
                   Set Field [YourTable::IDField ; $ID]
                   Perform FInd[]

                   In a database that is not hosted over a network, this script also isolates the newly created record:

                   New Record/Request
                   Show All Records
                   Omit Records
                   Show Omitted Only

                   But in networked systems, there's a small chance that another user could create a new record in the same table just before the show omitted step executes and then you get two records instead of one.