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    Click on e-mail field



      Click on e-mail field


      Can anybody help me with what should be straightforward. If I have a field in a table called "E-mail Address", how can I click on the field and get an e-mail dialogue box appear with the e-mail address in the "to " field ? Thanks



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          Write a script with just one line:

          Send Mail

          In the pop up for specifiying the parameters for this step, refer to the email address field for the TO box.

          Now go to your layout, enter layout mode. Select the field and use Button Setup... in the format menu to turn the field into a button that performs this script.

          Note: When you turn the field into a button, you can know longer click into the field to edit it. You can still tab into it if it is in the tab order or you can use a different layout where the field is not set up as a button to edit the field.

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            Thanks !!!