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    Client action initiate script on host machine



      Client action initiate script on host machine



           I have a solution that incorporates an e-mail system using a third party plug-in (360Works Email 2) with multiple users remotely connected to host machine running Filemaker Pro 12 Advanced.  I would like to keep all the actual sending and receiving on the host machine, and the users would only be reading or writing records that would be sent off as e-mails.  However to make this work I would need to clients to be able to, once they click send on an e-mail record they have written, for example, initiate a script on the host machine that would then take the new record and actually transmit it to the e-mail server. Is this something that can be done, or is my only option to have a constantly running script on my host machine checking for any new addition of "Outgoing" records or some such?   Thank you for the help!

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               You are basically correct, but there are ways to make that "constantly running script" a "periodically running script".

               I server schedule can run the script at regular intervals. In some cases, not all, a "robot file" on the server can be set by an OS based task scheduling utility to open and close at regular intervals to send out the accumulated emails.