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client base

Question asked by Spanner on Apr 23, 2009


client base


Hi one and all, this is my first posting, I don't know how often it comes up but...

I have been in the graphic reproduction and print field for 40 years. The last 20 in DTP, as research manager in the early days and graphic designer in latter years.

I have been supplying a service to various clients all this time

I have a logical mind and Filmaker appeals to me as a new aplication to learn (Done 30 days) and as I am moving to a new town and therefor will have no clients, I thought about time to change my source of income (just for a few years at half power)

This is a bit like going up to Da Vinci and saying "I have just got this thing called a pencil, what can I do with it?"

But yes, can you freelance as a FileMaker user? What type of businesses are the potential clients? Can the service be supplied purely by internet? Internationaly?

Any prefered ways of going upthe 'learning curve'? Are there any internet sights where I can get ideas for projects to cut my teeth on?

I apologise for the long first post but I think you get the idea