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    Client connected to remote database (Data lost)



      Client connected to remote database (Data lost)



      We have some users in Sydney where they are not able to save the data onto the filemaker server database file. User connected to database file on the remote server and created a new record and entered the data in the record. Ideally whatever data has entered should be automatically saved.

      But only for sydney users, Whatever information is being entered is lost. Data entered is not getting saved onto FileMaker server database files. It is a network issue, but is there any solution for this??

      Please suggest on how to resolve this, I have given an option to "Fluch cache to Dish" willl this resolve the issue?

      User had closed out of this record 45 minutes before the network connectivity issue, but the recrod was still lost. 

      Error message: "Communicaiton with the host is interrupted and could not be re-established. All effected windows will be closed"

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          What method of client access are they using? Web Browser or FileMaker Pro?

          With FileMaker Pro clients,FileMaker should seve the data automatically and long before 45 minutes have elapsed so we need to take a closer look at the design of the database to figure out how this could happen. With Web browser clients, you'll need to determine whether a "submit" (Commit records) action ever submitted their data back to the host database prior to loss of connectivity or not.

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            Thanks for the response..

            Method of access is FileMaker Pro client. Yes data should be saved automatically and it is being saved for users in other countries except Australia (Sydney).

            Can you please clarify whether "Flush Cache to Disk" functionality will save the enetered data? If No, Is there any alternative way to resolve this?

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              I don't think flush cache is the solution, but welcome corrections from others if you know differently. That option should cause the host computer to save changes from RAM to Hard Drive. I don't think it will be a solution here as I believe that will still take place even if the client loses connection as you have described. As far as I know, it's only an issue if the hosting application crashes before saving from RAM to hard drive. I think you need to take a look at the interface design and see if you can spot why the data does not appear to be saved. Is auto save diabled for the layout? Is the database designed to pull data up in global fields and then save them back to the table for editing?

              Might the data have actually been saved but with data in a key field missing or altered so that they are unable to find the data?

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                 If "Flush Cache to Disk" option is used to cause the host computer to save changes from RAM to HardDrive then, consider the hosting application crashed after saving data from RAM to hard drive even then data is lost as the data never got stored in the FileMaker server database file. Please correct me if am wrong.

                I checked with the user, auto save is enabled for layout.

                About the Database desgin:

                Our users directly access the database files (fp7) available on the Filemaker server  through FileMaker Pro client and they will create new or update or delete the records.