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    Client ID Help



      Client ID Help


      Can anyone tell me how to set up an auto incremented client ID that stays true to the client if the client has more than one record in my database?

      I know how to set up the auto entered increment by 1 filed, but when I find a particular client, I want the user name to remain as well as pertinent info that stays constant, such as last name, first name etc, but when I add a record for that particular client, I want the client ID and other contstants to remain while being able to enter variable information. 

      I am designing a database where there are numerous records for the same client.

      Thanks in advance for any help provided.

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          Use two tables. Table 1 holds your serial number field and any additional data on that customer that does not change from record to record for that customer such as their name. Table 2 holds the data that is different from record to record.

          You related the two tables like this:

          Table1::CustomerID = Table2::CustomerID

          The classic layout design for this is put a portal to table2 on a layout for Table1 and enable "Allow creation of recors via this relationship" for Table2. This is not the only option, however.