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Client login issues

Question asked by Slushman on Mar 3, 2011
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Client login issues


My user is having an odd issue logging into a database hosted on a server.  When she selects File > Open Remote, then selects the server and the appropriate database, it asks her for credentials, like it should.  She puts in her credentials and clicks OK, then it asks for them again.  If she continues putting the creds in and hitting OK, it will keep asking and never log her into the database.  If she puts in her credentials, then clicks Cancel on any of the repeated requests, the database opens.  We double checked her credentials (we even added another account for her and changed her password), so we know she's entering the correct creds.

There are 5 other users and they don't seem to have  this issue.

The server warning logs show the authentication error (Warning 661 authentication failed).  Obviously, she's able to get in, so why does it continually ask for creds and not log her in after the first time?  Why would it also show anything in the logs if she's able to get in?

Tech Specs:

The database uses the FM Server authentication and is comprised of a  single file.

Client: OS X 10.6.6 on an Intel Mac Mini, Filemaker Client: 9.0v3

Server: OS X 10.5.8 on a G5 Mac Pro, Filemaker Server Advanced