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Client no longer responding, event ID 30 on FM server

Question asked by gerryR on Aug 31, 2009
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Client no longer responding, event ID 30 on FM server


We have a problem with our users databases closing on them with the error:


Client "User.Name (ComputerName) [cli.ent.ip.add]" no longer responding; connection closed. (51)


We thought it was down to our desktop Firewall (McAfee HIPS) as once we disabled the firewall the problem occured less often.  However looking at the logs on the server there are also lots of entries for people who do not have the firewall installed.


I still think that the Firewall at least increases the problem, however I'm starting to think there may be an underlying problem at the root of this problem.


Are there any more detailed logs on the Filemaker server or is the event viewer as good as it gets?  Does everyone experience these disconnects or is this not a regular problem?  There are 100s in our servers event viewer over the last few months.


FM Server 10

FM Cleint 10

FM Server OS Windows Server 2003 SP2


TIA for any ideas