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Client/Server application

Question asked by lben_1 on Mar 18, 2011
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Client/Server application


I’m a new FM Pro user, so I apologize for any ‘simple’ question.

I’m getting into confusion for a possible misunderstanding regarding the appropriate method to create a 'client/server' application.

The application I’m developing creates a 'unique' file, which seems to be a 'client' application, including both 'application' and 'DB'. It seems I "only" have to create the application I have in mind using FM Pro Adv (have I to use FM Server for a client/server app ?), and put it on the server.
Each client will have to address server, double click on the icon, and that's it.
Very easy, perhaps too much.
I suppose this would not be the correct approach. Having datas and application into the same file will probabily means a very large file after data growing.

Can anybody please help in lighting me up a little here ? How have I to procede for creating a client/server FM application ? Is there a particular manual documentation to explain ?

Thanks in advance