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    Client/Server connection issue (FM Pro 9)



      Client/Server connection issue (FM Pro 9)


      Hi Forum,


      we experience a weird issue with Filemaker Pro 9.0v3 client. We have remote server running FM Server 9 (Current Installed Version: which hists our DB.


      We can connect to the server and open a test DB (FMServer_Sample) without any problems. However, when we try to open the actual (more complex) database following happens: server asks for the authentication, we log in, we can see on the server that authentication succeded. Then some settings have to be made, however, we get the message widnowwith "Communication with the server was interrupted and could not be re-established. All affected windows will be closed" after around 2-3 mins of looking into the coffee cup cursor.


      Since connection to the smaller and simpler test DB works fine, I ran out of ideas. Any hints or suggestions are much apprecuated.


      Thanks a lot!




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          Thank you for your post.


          There is obviously something stopping FileMaker from accessing this file, and it is hard to diagnose without seeing the file.  However, let's try a couple of things....


          First, if you have a startup script, turn that off.  Also, set the file to open using full access privileges.  Turn on Network Sharing and set the file for access all users.  Then, place the file on the server once again and access it.  If this works, then start adding things back in one at a time.  This will help narrow down the possible causes.



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            Hi Forum, hi TSGal!


            Thanks a lot for direct support, but also for so many good posts!


            We have resolved the issue. The solution was "broken" network. Since we could connect to the server and even use small database it sounds strange, but it was indded one circuit of the network which had some problems.


            We think, for checking network we have been using solely TCP applications. And assume FM is using UDP, so if there is a problem with some packet it is not resent again. So, with the larger database it may rather happen, that at some point a packet is lost and both the server and client wait for information.


            I dont know, if our interpretation is correct or wrong, but since we re-routed traffic to another physical connection everything works fine!


            Thanks again,