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    Clients losing connection



      Clients losing connection



           After migrating to FM 13 Server/Pro, users are experiencing connection loss (Wired gigabit LAN, local server, about 30 clients, up-to-date Mac OS and FM Pro).

           Some clients report multiple lost connections per hour, others have no connection problems at all. Users can re-start their client software without problems (... until the next connection loss).

           In the Server logs, the events are logged as "Warning 30, Client NAME does not respond; connection closed (10)" (original text: "Client NAME antwortet nicht mehr; Verbindung geschlossen. (10)".

           Before 13, FileMaker didn't have any connectivity problems.

           Do you have any suggestions?



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               Did you ever find a solution to this problem? We have been having similar issues with clients getting spontaneously disconnected after upgrading to Filemaker 13.

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                 Sorry, no solution yet. I guess we'll have to live with this issue...

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                   In many cases, loss of connection can be due to issues with your network rather than FileMaker. I don't know that this is the case for you, but it is something that needs to be checked.

                   And possible bugs with FileMaker software should be reported in Report an Issue rather than here--where we try to help people use the product rather than deal with fixing bugs.

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                     (I always get confused about reporting bugs vs FM development forum as well, esp since they are the same site but require different logins. Eventually I'll get the hang of it..)

                     Fritjof if you report a bug please post the link here, I'd like to follow it to the solution.


                     Thank You,

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                       Philmodjunk - Ironically this has come up again for me today - I need to seek answers. Would you suggest I do so on the "FM Forum" or "Report an Issue"? You've always been most helpful - Thanks in Advance,

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                         Is it possible the computers are loosing their network connection?

                         I think the new mac laptops might actually loose their network connection when they go to sleep. And then the connection to Filemaker server is lost.

                         Maybe that's something to look into.


                         Guy Stevens

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                                Would you suggest I do so on the "FM Forum"

                           This thread is on the Fm Forum already so you've already done that. It's always possible that there is a bug involved, but must report that I have not seen any other reports other than here of client systems frequently losing connections that weren't traced back to either network settings, the client machine sleeping or a "disconnect on idle" setting of which the person posting was unaware. So I'd investigate those options first.

                           But if you do post in Report an Issue, then your post will be seen by a FileMaker TS person and they may know something that we don't.

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                             Thank You Phil. Since my connections were also reportedly being dropping before my upgrade to FMS13, I think I should try here before moving on. Here are the details..


                             Issue Description:

                        •           FM is continuously reporting a Warning "Client 'NAME (name) [IP Address]' authentication failed on Database 'DBNAME' using 'NAME'[fmapp]"
                        •           The issue repeats itself with the same 4 users (between 2-6 times a day, each)
                        •           The remaining users have no connection problems, ever,
                        •           Despite the continuous warnings, only yesterday did a user ever actually see a dialog that indicated their connection was lost - but FileMaker actually always remains connected (and did in the case where the client saw the dialog warning as well).


                             Setup Details:

                        •           Running FMServer 13.0.1 on Windows Server 2008 R2
                        •           All but one dropped clients are FMPro12, but the most frequently dropped client is FMPro Adv13 (..actually, it's my client..)
                        •           The server setting "Set Maximum Idle time allowed for FM Clients" is NOT checked.
                        •           The privilege set setting "Disconnect user from server when idle" is NOT checked, on ANY privilege set, on ANY database.
                        •           I am confident that the overall network connection is NOT being lost, as I would have received notices from other network monitoring sources independent of FileMaker.


                             Does anyone have thoughts or suggestions that may be helpful to my situation?

                             Thanks in advance,


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                               You said:


                                    I am confident that the overall network connection is NOT being lost, as I would have received notices from other network monitoring sources independent of FileMaker.

                               What I meant in my post is that these computers (if they are laptops) might be loosing their connection because their network is turned off when the laptop goes into sleep mode or standby.

                               Could you do the following test:

                               Use one of these problematic laptops to open the filemaker database on the server.

                               Then let it go into sleepmode or standby.

                               Or even just close the laptop and then open it up again.

                               See if it lost it's connection to the filemaker server.

                               My idea is that the computer shuts down its network card to preserve power. And that disconnects it from the internet. As soon as you wake it back up it reconnects and you don't have any problem reading mails or going on the internet. But Filemaker will have lost its connection because there was a disconnect for a while.

                               Try this out and see what gives.




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                                      Warning "Client 'NAME (name) [IP Address]' authentication failed on Database 'DBNAME' using 'NAME'[fmapp]"

                                 Does not necessarily mean that a client was disconnected. Entering a wrong password when opening the file will trip this. And I have a utility file that auto-enters a very restrictive password in stead of having to manage different matching accounts on that file. Every time a user opens the main DB and a script references data in a table from this utility file, this message is logged even though the file opens correctly while auto-entering the needed credentials.

                                 This is on an older version of server so I do not know if this is still the case, but it illustrates that this particular message does not necessarily mean that a client was disconnected from the database.

                                 The typical log entry showing an unplanned disconnect reports that the client is "no longer responding..."

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                                   Guy - Thanks. I will give your suggestion a try and report back (FYI - 2 clients are on laptops, 2 are on desktops. My computer drops the most, and my computer is set to NEVER go to sleep. The warning happens while I'm actively engaged in FileMaker.)

                                   Phil - Thanks. You may be onto something there, but I'm not sure I fully understand yet and not sure how to troubleshoot to find out. (I took over the database a couple years ago) I say that because we DO have a "main database" and sometimes when I open other hosted databases, they don't request authentication. I always wondered why but haven't recognized a pattern to be able to find out. So maybe there is some "utility file that auto enters...." that needs some attention. Any idea how should I dig into that?

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                                     A file can auto-enter an account name and password instead of asking the user to enter them. This is set up in File Options. In fact, a file that is not password protected actually is set in File Options to auto enter Admin as the account name and nothing as the password.

                                     If you open such a file while holding down the shift ( windows ) or option ( Mac ) key, these files will not auto-enter a password and show the log in dialog. That's how you open such a file with the full access password instead of the typically limited access password specified in File Options.

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                                       Well shoot, I misunderstood - that's not what is happening at all. No login credentials are specified in the File Options of any database. All databases are username/password protected.

                                       Interesting tips about the file options though, good to know and understand for future reference.

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                                    We are having the same issue, have any of you found the fix for this?

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