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    Clinical Decision Tool



      Clinical Decision Tool


      I'm looking for some guidance in creating a clinical decision tool for a medical database.  Essentially if boils down to answering a series of questions and being given an answer based on the input.  Each answer successively narrows the choices for the user until the final result is given.

      What would be the preferred approach?  I was considering conditional formatting of value lists that are related or perhaps a graphical tool with the questions as text and each answer as a button that, when selected, brings the user to a new layout with the next question and button set etc.  Is there a clear advantage to either approach or perhaps a method I have not considered?



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          Conditional value lists can be tricky especially if the path to the answer is not a consistent number of questions.

          A button approach might  be better as it would allow you to leave the process open ended a bit.

          You could also capture information about the path that the user took to arrive at the result incase further analyis of the linkages is needed. (Ie questions lead to similar but wrong conclusions)


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            You might put all of these questions in a table with a table of related answers. You display the answers on a list layout based on answers with the question shown in the header. Clicking a button in the body selects that answer. It's possible to script this so that the answer selected by the user preforms a script that uses data (such as a question ID number) in the answer record selected as the answer to pull up the next question and list of answers to choose from.

            Your Questions table would need at least two fields: QuestionID, QuestionText
            Your Answers Table would have: QuestionID, AnswerText, NextQuestionID, DiagnosisID

            DiagnosisID would be empty for all but the final answer reached, upon which it can then be used to pull up a diagnosis record.

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              Thanks to both of you for the insight, much appreciated!


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                I am also having trouble with the conditional values. I feel like it's pretty simple but have spent days on this without much success.

                My database is supposed to help file documents for our office (tell us where they are). The user will choose under what headings the document fits to help narrow it down. Example: For a certain document hey will choose the Administration heading to be led to all the categories which fall under ADMINISTRATION heading selected, then they have to choose the FILE type, then the SUBFILE type.

                Here is the breakdown of what they have to choose from in order:

                They must first choose from a HEADING

                then a CATEGORY

                then a FILE

                then a SUBFILE

                The problem I am having is that when I choose the category the only options given are the FILEs for the first CATEGORY even though I have selected a category other than the first. The same problem occurs with the options for SUBFILE. I am only provided with those associated with the first FILE although I may have selected the second FILE.

                I have created seperate tables for each step the user has to make a selection. I have created my value list to "use values from field" and use "only related values from" the relationship it has with the independent variables connected via a relationship.

                Any advice would be much appreciated.

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                  See my answer to your other thread: conditional value