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    Clock In/Out to Number of hours worked



      Clock In/Out to Number of hours worked


      I'm new to Filemaker Pro.

      I need to track the times of painters on various job sites.

      I'd like them to clock in and out using Filemaker Go.

      That much I can do myself.

      I can't figure out how to get a total hours worked.

      E.g. They clock into Job A at 8am and clock out at 4:45pm: what calculations can I use to get a 'total' field to say '8.75 hours'

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          You just need to create 3 fields to store time like TimeIn, TimeOut as type Timestamp which will store ClockIn and ClockOut time and other one will be a calculation field say as TotalDuration which having calculation as

          Round ( (TimeOut - TimeIn)/ 3600 ; 2 )

          and the return type of this calculation should be in Number. So it will return the total time as 8.75 like format.