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Clone from Actuals into Offers

Question asked by MikeF_1 on Mar 1, 2013
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Clone from Actuals into Offers



     Uncertain if you’ll remember this scenario.

     See jpg attached - that script has been working fine for quite a while.

     There is another set of tables with the same structure – the Actuals table.  Where the word Offer would be the same as budget, Actuals is what happened in reality.

     The new objective is to adjust the script so that an Actuals event, along with its BoxOffice and Expenses records, can be cloned into the Offer schema.

     So as opposed to cloning a single record from Offer_Events, then multiple records from Offer_BoxOffice and Offer_Expenses into new records in their own respective tables [which the attached script does perfectly] ---

     The new Script would clone FROM Actual_Events, Actual_BoxOffice, and Actual_Expenses INTO the respective tables in Offer_Events, Offer_BoxOffice, and Offer_Expenses.

     Thereby making an event budget from a known [actual!] set of figures.

     Each of the relevant tables have the same field structure.

     Have made numerous attempts with some progress, but am certainly stalled.

     Will likely need to provide some more info, but checking initially to see if you think this can be accomplished.

     Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.


      - Mike