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    Clone Mystery in FM Pro 9



      Clone Mystery in FM Pro 9



      I have been extending the capabilities of a school database by development work

      on an sparsely populated copy while the original is being used. The program has several

      main layouts, contacts, families, activies etc. selected by a group of buttons working

      on the Radiobutton system - only one works at a time.


         When I attempted to populate my improved copy I made a clone and then imported

      records from the working original.I found that the clone had lost access to one of the

      layouts - that for contacts. Button pushing from the home layout did nothing.  I repeated

      this attempt twice more - still no access to the contacts layout when working with a clone. 


        So, made a full copy of my development program and used the Records>Delete all Records

      action to delete all the records in the main layouts. Effectively making a clone the slow way.

      This time I could populate the contacts with records by importing.


      Has anyone else struck this?




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             Try saving the copy as compact first and then try cloning the copy.
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              Thanks for the suggestion mr_vodka, I tried that but results exactly the same.  However, I have fixed the problem

              but not really solved it.  A navigation script that  was activated by the go to Contacts button, contained a calculation

             to find the appropriate Layout.  This script works fine in the original and in the compact copy but fails in the

             clones.  I have therefore removed the calculation and inserted the name of the Contacts Layout.


              It now works properly, although I still wonder why cloning loses the plot?