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Question asked by thong127 on Jul 18, 2013
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     Kindly help me with my script, I want the new window to be closed when I click CANCEL on my Custom Dialog Box. below is my script.

     IBS::Materials Report Selected = "API"

     Perform Script ["API"]

     Go to Related Record [Show only related records; From table:"Materials';Using layout:"API" (Materials);New Window

     Enter Preview Mode []

     Show Custom Dialog ["Print Options";"Would you like to Print or create a PDF"]

     If[Get ( LasMessageChoice ) = 1

     Show Custom Dialog ["Print Instructions"; "Pleasemake sure printing is set to Current Record and choose the printer you would lilke to print"]

     Print[Restore:\\Printer name]

     Else If [Get( LastMessageChoice ) = 2

     Show Custom Dialog [name your File"; Please Name Your File."IBS::Filename]

     If[Get ( LasMessageChoice ) = 1

     Sert Variable [$FileName Let(Name =Intelli Session::FileName & ".pdf";Case(Get(LastMessageChoice) = 1;

     "file:" & Get(DocumentsPath) & Name;Get(LastMessageChoice) = 2;"file:" & Get(DesktopPath) & Name;
     "file:" & Get(TemporaryPath) & Name))
     Print Setup [Restore;No dialog]
     Save Records as PDF [Restore;No dialog; $Filename'; records being browsed]
     Close Window [Current Window]
     Else If [Get ( LastmessageChoice ) = 3]
     Close Window [Current Window]
     End If
     End If
     End If
     Thank you in advance.