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Close Window script

Question asked by LeoB on May 7, 2010
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Close Window script


I have a layout specifically for entering a new record.  That layout does not commit the entered data until the user saves the data with a button (commits the record).  Works fine.


I have a button on that layout for a new record that takes the user to a help screen (separate layout) for guidance.  It uses a simple script on the button to freeze the screen, open a new window, and go to the help layout.  Works fine.


HOWEVER, when returning from the help layout back to the original screen/layout I find that the first layout is somehow opened in a new window.  When the user then continues entering data, a flash screen pops up saying that the new data cannot be entered because it is opened in another screen.  When I close that screen, I am then back to where I want to be on the original layout.


I have tried numerous things on return button script from the help screen:


- Simply Close Window (which I thought should work)

- Close Window and go to layout (original)

- Close Window and go to layout (by name)

- Close Window, go to layout, and then Close Window again to try and get rid of that second window that opened


Nothing works.  It keeps going to the duplicate window that is opened and which cannot be modified.


Any idea of what I'm missing or doing wrong?