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Closed window shows when reopening file

Question asked by ralvy on Sep 21, 2009
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Closed window shows when reopening file


On a given layout, I have a button that calls another window, and waits with an indefinite pause. That second window's layout has a button that halts the first script and closes the second window. This all works fine.


What I notice, however, is that if I exectuted the above procedure during a given session, and then closed the solution completely, the next time I open the solution, I see the above called window for a second,and then I see the initial layout the file is supposed to display (based on a startup script). 


Why would I see the called window when reopening the solution? That window was closed by a script. It never appears in the list of windows when after the script calls it in the routine outlined above, but it definitely appears for a second when I reopen the solution. Does this make sense?