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    Club management database



      Club management database


           I've kind of asked this before, but I wanted to be more specific now that I know what we need.

           I want some type of database that tracks membership and member activity for a fitness facility.  The actual membership database would store:
      1.           1/. ID (4 digit)
      3.           2. Name
      5.           3. address
      7.           Phone
      9.           DOB
      11.           Email
      13.           Membership start date
      15.           Expiration
      17.           Key Member (yes/no)
      19.           Key code ++++-++++(8digits sep. by hyphen)
      21.           Waiver (yes/no)
      23.           Photo
      25.           Would like to make it so employees have to log in

           then have a way we can setup another terminal that the member comes in and enters their ID to check in, and their picture pops up as well as some event that alerts if membership if valid or not. (like a green or red screen or backdrop of their picture)

           would like to be able to run custom reports on current members, as well as soon to be expiring.

           Also is this something I could create with FMP and have it standalone and run from the 2 machines, or will i have to have a copy of FMP on each machine that runs the app?


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               Hi Jason, This is something you could perfectly create in Filemaker.

               I would suggest you download a trial version of filemaker. Then you have 30 days to experiment.

               Then watch this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5v2EzvaWyBk

               To learn a little about how Filemaker works.

               You should be able to set up your fitness database with ease.

               About sharing the database:

               I have no experience with standalone solutions. I would think the best solution would be to get 2 licences for Filemaker Pro and put them on those two computers.

               If they are on the same network you can share one file between the two computers and they can both be working in the file at the same time. Adding records, updating data...

               Then if you want you could add all kinds of other functionality in your database (invoicing, todo's, expenses, reports, ...) to really make it a full administrative package. But then you'll need to learn a bit more about how to develop in Filemaker.

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                 You might find this useful

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