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    cnstant script



      cnstant script


           hi been looking for a while

           is there any possible way i can have 2 scripts run at the same time basicly my dilema is

           i have csv's automatically dowloaded from an email into a folder these download at different time it can be every second or once a minute etc so i made this

           Set Variable [ $temp; Value:
           CheckWhetherFileExists( "fielurl" ) ]
           If [ $temp = 1 ]
           Import Records [ ]
           End If
           End Loop

           only problem is i need that to be doing what it does and also run other scripts how do i possibly do this ?


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               ok if i had 2 versions of filemaker running one doing the permanenent import by looping if i was to put and install on timer script will that stop the loop and run the other script when the time comes or will it conflict


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                 Try This: Set your above script up without the loop. Set up a second script with Install OnTimer Script to run your script on a regular interval. In between times, your other scripts will run normally and when the timer runs down and it performs the next import script run, FileMaker will wait to run it until any current scripts complete.

                 I use that method to save periodic, timestamped copies of my database during development.