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Coin Collecting Templates for FileMaker Pro

Question asked by stoster38 on Aug 3, 2013
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Coin Collecting Templates for FileMaker Pro


     Hi Everyone,

     I'm currently a Bento user and unfortunately the product is being discontinued. So I'm checking out a trial version of FM Pro. I imported my Bento database using the migration tool provided but didn't like the results. I did a google search and searched on the forums here but did not seem to find what I'm looking for. 

     Does anyone know if there are any templates, for FM Pro, specifically for coin collecting? If not can I use any of the templates from the Bento Exchange and import those into FM Pro? The reason I got Bento is because I was never really into creating/developing databases. Bento was a great alternative but since it's going away I'm trying to see if I can use FM Pro.