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    Collapsing list?



      Collapsing list?




           I have a list of item and when sorted by their dates I have leading sub-summaries that show the date.  I'm wondering if there is a relatively simple way to make those leading sub-summaries act like collapsable lists?


           My guess is no but I thought I would throw it out there and see.  Thank you.

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               You mean by "collapse" that you want to show just the sub summaries and not the individual records listed below/above them?

               You can "collapse" or "expand" all of them easily, but not just for one group of records. The trick is to replace the body layout part with another sub summary layout part "when sorted by" the primary key field or a calculation field that copies the value of the primary key. Then, if you include this field int the sort order, the individual entries appear. If you don't, they won't appear. So the same layout can show or hide the "details" just by sorting the found set of records in different orders.

               If you want to "collapse/expand" on just one group at a time, I suggest using a Popover if you have FileMaker 13 to show the "details". If using an older version of FileMaker, consider a script with New Window to show the details or you might even list this data as a calculated tool tip in some cases. None of these are exactly what you want, but are the closest methods to what you want that I can think of given current limitations of FileMaker.

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                 I'm looking to collapse or expend a group of records.  Say I have ten records for for each work day of the week.  I see Monday through Friday in the sub-summary and below each sub-summary the list of applicable records for the particular day.  For some reason Tuesday and Wednesday are not applicable to me at the moment, I would like the ability to collapse those two so that I see less records in the list yet still see their sub-summary lines to know that I can then expend if I want to have a peak.

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                   I understood that as a possibility when I responded previously. But this cannot be done with a summary report by any method that I currently know. This is why I suggested some alternatives to use for showing the details of just one group from a subsummary only report.

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                     Ok, thank you Phil.


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                       Google 'FileMaker Collapsing List'....there's a few interesting ideas.  Here's one:


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                         HUGE!  Thank you so much, got it working in my solution.  I wound up using HOnza's demo as it was better suited for my current solution.  It was quite simple really, very elegant.  Notice the portal in the sub-summary where the names are listed, that's what took me the longest to figure out.



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                           I've come across one issue, there is a lack of control over the sorting of sub-summary.  In my list I like to sort based on either unit number or driver number and I currently have a global field that holds either label in place and when I switch sorting method a script changes the global field to whatever I want to sort by and the sorting is made based on the current name in the global field.

                           Since I can't use a global field in a calculation that is part of a relationship I was forced to hard code a formula that used either the driver or the unit number to help sort the way I want.  Is there a way for me to be able to index a calculation field and still use a global field?  I don't want to use a script that goes an changes every single record to either unit or driver as we can have multiple thousands of these records at once and changing them all each time would take too long.

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                             Also, would anyone know how to get sub-summaries between the expended sub-summaries?  Say a small divider between each driver who might have five records to his name for a day.