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Collated Printing from a found set

Question asked by AnthonyTesoriero on Dec 26, 2013
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Collated Printing from a found set


     I am trying to create a script that will batch print multiple forms for a found set in a collated order and am at a loss.

     Using our definitions here is an explanation of what we are trying to accomplish.

     A "deal" for us contains multiple forms (layouts including data from records and layouts that include related records)

     We already have a script that prints all the forms related to an individual deal and it works well albeit slow (it simply is a collection of other scripts that find omit and print data on a layout from the particular record selected) 

     This script prints the forms in a very specific order to enable our employees to simply pull them off the printer and put them in envelopes as a group without having to resort the forms by hand (collated)

     Im now trying to create a script that will do the same thing however for an entire found set

     SO we would search for an auction date, which would find 10 "deals" I would then like to run a script which will print all the forms for each "deal" for all deals in the auction (found set) but in the same specific order so all the documents are collated when printing is  complete...

     I hope my explanation makes sense...

     any help you can provide is appreciated.