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Collect all values starting with specific text

Question asked by RobertRichmond on Jul 31, 2013
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Collect all values starting with specific text



     I have two similar but different situations. Users in my database are able to click a button which takes them to a layout where the user can select buttons I have set up to quickly select groups

     I am wanting to enable my users to pre select options I am providing them with, without having to click every cell.

     In one situation where the user can select Senior school (for example) I use the option:


          Set File [Homework_Support_plus_Work_Variations::Globabl Academic Year; 10(return symbol)11(return symbol)12" 

     and this works well. However now I need to preselect the Tutor class, and the tutor class changes each year!!


     I thought pehaps in a script I could still use the "Set File" option, and set the value Homework_Support_plus_Work_Variations:: Global Tutor Class using a calcualtion, but I am not sure how to return a list like what I need.

     e.g. If the user selects year 11, it would check the field which contains this info (specifically  Student Current::Tutor Group) and filter out any Tutor groups which start with 11. e.g. 11A, 11B, 11D, 11P, 11O.

     It then needs to go through this list and provide it back in the format:

     11A(return symbol)11B(return symbol)11D(return symbol)11P(return symbol)11O

     Any idea on how I might achieve this?