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    Collect Entire Catalog...



      Collect Entire Catalog...


      When I want to collect a complete product catalog from my FileMaker database, including multiple layouts, what is the best way to do this?

      Do I create a script to collect records from the first layout, then the second, etc.? If so, how do I combine the scripts then so that they are all included in the "collection" and sorted properly?

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          Not an easy question to answer without knowing a great deal about the design of your database. Why do you need different layouts in the first place?

          What are you trying to produce from this "collection"? Printed Hard copy? a Single PDF file? or ???

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            Phil, I have data in 5 different tables. Each of the tables has unique layouts. I want to "collect" this data into a "complete catalog" PDF, where the info from each table maintains its own layout. I've been trying to do this with Find and Sort functions but, so far, no luck. Ideas?

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              I understood that you had different tables, but am asking why you have different tables--this might not be necessary and if you can get it all into one table--things get much less complicated.

              Take a look at the 'append to existing file' option for the Save As PDF script step. With it, you can save as PDF from layout 1, switch to layout 2 and save as PDF and append it to the PDF from layout 1 and then repeat for each additional layout.

              There's a built in limitation here: Each appended PDF starts a new page--which may or may not work for what you want here.

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                     I need to revisit this issue and find an elegant solution. I have 5 Tables, each with unique records. Records from each Table will print using just one unique layout. I need to "collect" all the records from All the Tables and create one PDF. My Table & Layout names are attached.

                     I'm assuming this is going to be a script containing various "find" and "constrain" elements, but I'm not sure where to start. Would a global checkbox field inserted in each Table/Layout help? (Something like "Include in Catalog?)