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Collecting data from Found Sets

Question asked by BobO'Neal on Sep 12, 2012
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Collecting data from Found Sets


     I am doing multiple Finds from a table of names & printing each of these individual Finds with the selected Data fields.

     I have a Script for each of the categories I want to print, and I can combine the individual Scripts to print multiple pages for each category. I print to a Table Layout.

     Here's what I can't figure out. I want to print some calculation results based on the Finds on each page. 

     In each sub-Script I Find & list names with a field showing attendance (P or A).

     For each category, I want to calculate & print the count of found names and the count of attendance & absences.

      I am trying to figure out how to "Get" these counts & put them in a Field. I am thinking I could then print these calculation results in the  Footer of the table layout.

     Any help & suggestions appreciated.