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    colon a pain



      colon a pain


           fm12  find entering colon for time field a pain  -  tried useing "as entered" 2400 clock (ie 0900)  - but when i use time field in another layout trying to use AM PM functions get bogus times  -  do you need a separator?

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               You do with fields fo type time or timestamp, but you can set this up in ways that do not require the colon, but if you do, you also set up a situation where leading zeroes may need to be entered to get the correct time entered.

               1) enter the time in a text field and set up an auto-entered calculation on a time field to take the digits entered in the text field and produce the equivalent time. GetAsTime() is a function that can help you do that.

               2) With the onobjectValidate script trigger, you can perform a script that adds in the missing colon for the user before FileMaker's data level validation kicks in and complains about the data not being a valid time value.