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    Colour printing in FMPro9



      Colour printing in FMPro9


      We seem to be having problems printing in colour with FMPro9.


      These are scripted print steps with a print setup and print command contained in the script.


      Can I ask what impact having the [restore] command has on these script steps and if this will affect colour printing?


      All applications, including Word, Excel, Firefox, etc, all print colour fine to the printer. This is a solution that we are providing and every network setup is different, some are local printers and some are networked. However they all seem to exhibit the same issues.



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          Thank you for your post.


          The restore command "restores" the print settings.  If you set it up to print colour, single-sided, landscape, then the next time you run the script and restore these settings, it will print properly.


          Unfortunately, you don't mention what problems you are having when printing in colour.  Is it just not printing in colour?  What objects do you have in colour?  Any additional information would be greatly appreciated.



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