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    Colour Remove



      Colour Remove


           Morning Everybody


           I am a little bit stuck and some help would be appreciated.


           I have created a script that validates a postcode, if the postcode is found to be incorrect the colour of the text is set to red, the user then has the opportunity to correct the postcode.


           However when the user does enter the correct postcode i.e. when the length of the field = 6 the colour of the text remains red.


           does anybody know how i can remove this colour? 



           @Postcode = TextFormatRemove(Substitute(CUSTOMERS::post_code; " " ; "" )) ;
           Length(@Postcode) = 6 ; Upper(Replace(@Postcode; 4 ; 0 ; " " ) ) ;
           Upper(Replace(@Postcode; 5 ; 0 ; " ") )


           Many Thanks




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               Hi Guys


               just to let you know that i sorted my problem by inserting


               TextColor(CUSTOMERS::post_code; RGB(72; 98; 141))


               which are the default Red, Green, Blue of the text that i am using.



               Have a nice day

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                 You could also remove all color settings from this calculation and use a conditional format to set the text color based on field length. That will automatically update.