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Column Chart Issues with X-Axis Configuration

Question asked by Tiny on Jun 1, 2015
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Column Chart Issues with X-Axis Configuration


Hi everybody,

after diving into Filemaker rather recently I was amazed how quickly I could yank out a solution for our sales folks, this really is a great tool.

Now the only thing I'm having trouble with is charting. More specifically, I'd like to display exemplary projected value increases given different percentages and I'm running into a wall for the first time really.

A study shows that there is an average increase of 8,5% on revenue when using our product. Now, I'd like to hand out a column chart accompanying our offers that shows increases at 0; 5; 8,5; 10; 15 and 20% respectively, based on the current revenue.

Unfortunately, I can't figure out what to base my x-axis on. All examples on the web show your typical chart, based on Value by Month etc., but not based on arbitrary values on one axis.

It'd be awesome if somebody could help me out with a bit of insight.

Thanks in advance! smiley