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    Columns List View



      Columns List View



      Is it possible to create a listview like this?



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          I take it that one combination of Image; Text Text represents a single record?

          For printing, preview mode or save as PDF, any labels layout does this all the time. They use specific settings specified on the Printing tab in Labels layout to set up printing in columns.

          In browse mode, this can be done with one row portals to a related table. The first portal is set up in portal setup... with "initial row 1", the second with "inital row 2" and so forth. This is called a horizontal portal. With FileMaker 11 and later, it's possible to use portal filters to help control which data appears in a given portal or a given column of portals. The layout you show might be a single form view layout with a grid of such portals or it can be a list view where each row of portals is on a different record..

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            Provided PhilModJunk's Assumption about the fact that each square belows to a separate record, if you don't need to manipulate the records, just see them,  you could render it in html and use teh webviewer which is much faster to scroll (of course that means you need the images to be hodted on a webserver)

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              This is how the layout looks like and below that how it looks like when i browse in listview. The first portal uses "Initial row 1", the second portal "Initial row 2" etc. Do i need to use filter in order to show the the next 4 records after the first 4?


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                It depends on how you structure your data. A portal filter is one option, but not the only one. If each row is on a different record in the parent table, that fact alone might change which records appear in the portal if your relationships are set up to use that detail.

                You could also set up a grid of images on a single Form View layout and use scripted buttons to modify variables that control which records appear in each.

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                  OK, i really need some help with this one, perhaps even a example. I'm trying to solve this but...





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                    You'll need to describe what you have and what you want to do in more detail. There are multiple options possible and the best option depends on what you have and what you need to do with it.

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                      Its simple. I've got a form view where i create new records and insert data. I would like a list view (a "column-list-view", see above) where i can view my records. If i click on a record, the record opens in the form view. That's all.


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                        Sorry, but it's not that simple.

                        Is there a specific order in which they need to be displayed? Is this order something the user will need to change?

                        Does the user perform a find and this layout displays the results?

                        How is the table for the "form where they enter data" designed?