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columns within parts?

Question asked by CSA_NK on Jan 27, 2014
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columns within parts?



     relatively new user. i am not sure how to find this answer as everything i find is about displaying columns in printing.

     what i am looking to create columns in a sub-summary field. this is my task:

     I am working to create an assets database for a building i do work for. I need to summarize the number of assets per floor, when i do a  summary by floor ~ Floor 1 has 3 of X, 4 of Y, 5 of Z..., Floor 2 has 4 of X, 8 of Y, 2 of Z.... so if i have 10 different assets types (some floors have more) on each floor, i don't want them listed just vertically because this takes up 10+ lines of space. When i run a full report of all 40 floors of 10+ assets each i have a lot of wasted space in my print out. if i could create a grid- e.g. 5 columns, 2 rows, it would save me a lot of vertical space per floor summary. i want to condense the summary vertically, i do not want to simply print my table in columns

     can someone point me in the right direction as to what i should do a search for on an on-line manual or tutorial?

     thank you, cs